Catalogue your collection from your iPhone, iPad and Mac
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Catalogue all your Movies
Insert the information manually or load it from the web with the TMDb Movies Database. List your movies by title, category or year.
Organize your Collection
Create a list of the movies you want to watch next, the copies you need to replace, those you want to add to your collection, and the ones people borrowed from you.
Beginners and Professionals
Catalogue a few dozen movies or thousands. Use the app for free until you decide it is time to become a professional collector.
Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac
List of movies to watch
List of copies to replace
List of borrowed movies
List of movies to find
Collection Size Limit
Monthly Reports
Export Collection
Random Ads
100 items
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Unlimited Items
No Subscriptions
Premium features are activated on all your devices with one single payment. No monthly or yearly subscriptions.
Is Movies Collector free?
Yes. You can download Movies Collector for free and start cataloging your collection right away. You only pay to activate the premium features when you need them.
Is my collection shared between devices?
Yes. You can access and edit your collection from your iPhone, iPad and Mac computer.
Do I have to activate premium for every device?
No. Once you activate your premium account in one device, the premium features automatically become available on every device you have.
Can I generate reports of my collection?
Yes. You can generate a simple report with the number of movies per category or a monthly report to keep track of your collection and spending (Monthly reports are only available to premium collectors).
Can I get information of a movie from the web?
Yes. Movies Collector allows you to search for a movie using the TMDb Movies database ( Once you find the movie you are looking for, you can select it to download all the information, including cover, description, and year of release.
Where can I get help to use the app?
Movies Collector includes an option in the main menu to get tips on how to use the application, but you can also get help here.
Download for Free
We make it easy. Movies Collector is available for free from the App Store and the Mac App Store.